Positive energy – daily

I was recently asked why my posts in Facebook looks like a daily repetition. Indeed they do look very similar, while there is a heartwarming reason and a logical pattern behind. This mixed with my ability to stick to a plan, sometimes 😉 It is a story I’m ready to tell and share now.

Couple of years after I moved to Finland, one of my oldest and best friends in Germany faced a tragic challenge in her family. A situation in which I wanted to be at her side, but thousands of kilometers kept us apart. We started to exchange more than ever before the use of positive emojis. A way for me to show her that I’m there for her, from the distance while sending positive thoughts. It became a daily habit, every morning I would ensure she wakes up with a positive thought of mine. Time zone difference and early bird approach helped.

I felt her challenge required even more positive thoughts and energy, so I reached out into a large community which I co-founded (>25K members) to trigger memories and turn them into even more support for her father.

Beyond this dear friend I realized there are more people dear to my heart who doesn’t see or hear much from me.

Fast forward in time, I added more and more people to this habit. Family, friends and people in my life who are in need of a daily positive thought. This makes also a huge difference for me as sender. I learned that when my father told me once: “those are ‘just’ emojis, I don’t need this to think about my daughter every day”. I continued sending them as these messages each morning are a brief and important moment of me thinking about each and every recipient.

You ask yourself, can you turn positive thoughts into a very structured pattern? I’d say, absolutely. The world of emojis and imagination is vast and beautiful. After doing this for over 5 years, I found my rhythm involving every heart related emoji and the same pattern until it is time for the next cycle.

On the 24th of February 2022 I spontaneously decided that this world is in dire need of more positive energy. Since that day I spread the same daily message into every Social Media presence I run (Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, as Verena Rentrop and as Chocolate Angel). If you feel that there is a lot of negative energy around us, I do my best to send positive energy into the hearts of everyone within my wider reach. We can change the world together, one moment of infectious generosity at a time.

Feel free to follow me in any of this spaces to receive that moment for yourself. And recommend it to anyone you know who needs that moment as well. I will keep doing this as long as it is needed.

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