Chocolate Angel greetings!

Hello! And welcome to Chocolate Angel, where we love to spread “Micro Moments of Love” all around your workplace.

We are redecorating at the moment, but feel free to look around and read our blog.

Wishing you joy today!

– Verena

Why Chocolate Angel?

“Meeting the Chocolate Angel in your work environment imprints moments of a positive work culture. It presents in a very simple, and yet powerful way, appreciation towards employees and managers. All the way to your C-Suite.

Building a positive work culture has proven to bring more productivity on every level. Everyone gets inspired from ‘micro-moments of love’ in any form. Whether it is offline, online or listening to the Chocolate Angel origin story. This is the enduring example of the difference that positive interactions can make in your workplace.”

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Chocolate Angel at Cargotec:—verena-rentrop/

Harvard Business Review:

Thoughts of the Chocolate Angel

  • Positive energy – daily

    Positive energy – daily

    I was recently asked why my posts in Facebook looks like a daily repetition. Indeed they do look very similar, while there is a heartwarming reason and a logical pattern behind. This mixed with my ability to stick to a plan, sometimes 😉 It is a story I’m ready to tell and share now. Couple…

  • Smiles in the remote working reality

    Smiles in the remote working reality

    Spreading positive energy in the remote working reality.

  • A smile travel around the world

    A smile travel around the world

    Little investment – incredible return.