Workaholic was a Chocolate Angel in the making

Most of my life I was dedicated passionately to the ‘lucky’ company who had me on their payroll. It was quite a fine list of companies, from my family owned business, via tiny 3 people companies to some of the largest and well known global operating enterprises.

If there wouldn’t have been a special day two years ago, to be precise between 30.03.2016 afternoon and 31.03.2016 lunch time, I would still pour my heart and soul in full speed into one company at a time. Often I felt ‘I and my endless energy’ was just too much, not for me, but for people who met me along the way. Looking back I wonder how much the few negative moments due to ‘too much energy’ overshadowed in my mind the huge amount of positive moments. Remembering almost everything what happened over the years doesn’t help in that context. Words are very powerful, in both ways, either leaving mental scars or supporting you beyond your limits in the best possible way.

Two years ago I stepped out of my comfort zone, went on a ‘journey’ which helped me to reflect on the first half of my life, ‘funny’ side note, the other day someone said, I should strive for turning 100 and still working as Chocolate Angel ❤️

Looking back with good memory made me realize that my very own & different way of approaching work every single day in my life left a path of small positive footprints. I often call myself ‘naive’ as I was so ignorant to the effects.

Will keep my ‘naivety’ and my ‘inner child’, taking good care of them as they play a crucial part in my story.