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When a godmother flies…

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During a visit to Germany to celebrate the communion of my god daughter, I was asked from her grand-father what exactly I’m doing these days in Finland. I told him about my company, the services I offer, explained that I get booked from companies and events to approach every single person with a big smile and a box full of chocolate and other sweet treats. Giving positive attention to every single person. Quite often people react with disbelieve, like REALLY?!? He just responded, this was absolutely normal 50 years ago when he worked for a larger company, with about 500 employees. He said that the boss would walk around on a regular basis, had a positive word for everyone, knew everyone and made sure their voice was heard, they could talk to him.

It brought back the memory to my own family, running in the third generation a mid-size family business, whether it was my grandmother, my father or these days my brother, they are all connected with their employees, highly respected due to their attitude. I can clearly see those values being part of the core of my own work as Chocolate Angel.

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