Sugar or no sugar

Sugar or no sugar, or your very personal preference

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Video script: Welcome to your sweet micro-moment of love 🙂

When I am booked as Chocolate Angel for an event or work visit, I always make sure that I approach every single person and that my box contains something for everyone, this way works always and keeping every possible need in mind paid off one day in a really unexpected fashion.

It was an event related to Service Design, so in a way a perfect setting for a service which triggers positive emotions every single time. During a break I approached a woman who was sitting in the front row facing the main stage. Her first response was, thanks but no thanks I can’t take anything from the box. I asked her why and she said she is allergic to sugar.

I responded that this was no problem as I had in my box even several options of sugar free candies, her reaction was very emotional, said that this was the very first event in her life where sugar free option was offered.

Her reaction was so spontaneous that several people who were also sitting on their own behind her started wondering what just happened there. A moment later when they saw the open box, the positive energy ‘touched’ them as well. 

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