Retail staff deserves more…like a smile

Recently I was pretty shocked to read an article in Yle, titled ‘Survey: Majority of retail workers in Finland face abuse from customers’
This really struck a nerve, it left me sad and speechless. When I ‘found’ my speech back I wanted to write about this. Because at the same time, reading the article brought back beautiful memories, back to moments when I started to realize that small but friendly gesture triggers amazing reactions. For me everyone I meet deserves a positive moment, especially when it is their duty to serve me as part of their job description. People working in retail or anywhere else, for that matter, deserve a positive micro-moment, definitely not abuse.
One of the earliest moments in my own journey towards the Chocolate Angel involved paying a bill at a receptionist, she looked really unhappy. She wore a pink jacket, a quick check in my bag revealed a small Ritter Sport, wrapped in pink paper, perfect fit for the moment. Putting the piece in front of her, it was all it took to transform her, a beautiful wide smile lit up her face.
How often does an employee have a positive moment at work? Why shouldn’t such moment, for example simply triggered from a smile come from us, we as customers, every time at a retail shop. Wouldn’t it be great if we all would use every opportunity to be positive, or at least keep a neutral tone in interactions with people around us. We all are human beings, let’s start to treat everyone as we want to be treated ourselves.
Let me know how it went, after your next visit of a retail shop 🙂