Inspired memories, first love

Unexpected side effects of a business meeting

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Video Script: Welcome to your sweet micro-moment of love 🙂

A lot of things can trigger memories, one time when I talked with a potential client the content of my box brought beautiful but really unexpected memories to him. I explained him my job and showed him a smaller travel box I had with me. Still the box was large enough to hold around 70 different chocolate and candies.

Spotting a piece of Milka chocolate triggered his memory to his first girlfriend, in 6th grade, her name was Milka and as a young boy he always tried to buy and gift her the chocolate to make her smile, so sweet. We continued talking, when I explained that there is one candy in the box which will be recognized from everyone who was raised in Germany as a childhood memory, he took a photo to verify my claim by sending it to another ex-girlfriend, as she is German.

Being able to inspire and trigger such memories is a beautiful side effect of my job as Chocolate Angel, will continue to keep each of those precious moments in mind. They keep me going 🙂

Greetings from your one and only Chocolate Angel ‘kisses’ see you soon!