How to solve a sweet challenge

When the hottest days become a problem to be solved…

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Video Script: Welcome to your sweet micro-moment of love 🙂

Once in a while a person gets really excited when they hear about my work, they usually say, oh, I love chocolate, are you hiring? I’m always sorry to disappoint such enthusiastic chocolate lover, as that is not the most suitable fit for working as Chocolate Angel, the chocolate is for other people, not to eat myself.

The skillset to work as Chocolate Angel is quite wide and today I would like to talk about the creative problem solving skill which helps me these days. Chocolate isn’t easy to keep ‘cool’ when it is time for summer and rising temperatures. When most people, except myself are longing for a hot summer, I had to find solutions to keep working. To keep my storage in check, I bought a huge cooling backpack, it easily fits 35 liter chocolate and has a separate space above the chocolate which nicely suits for 3 cooling packs straight out of the freezer. At least every morning I would exchange the packs, et voila, chocolate stayed in form 🙂

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