Diary of a Chocolate bar

When I woke up this morning, I knew it will be a special day, together with 99 of my siblings, we were meant to surprise a long queue of waiting customers, they all came to Taka-Töölö, to the opening of the new Fazer Cafe.

Being ‘born’ as one of the first Dumle Fazer chocolate bars, I thought it is really nice to be able to make someone happy, but what happened in the following 48 hours to me is quite incredible, and that is what this story is all about 🙂

I couldn’t have known that one of the waiting customers was the ‘famous’ Chocolate Angel, her office is just across the street, so when she saw in Instagram that this special offer existed, she made sure to enter the line, patiently waiting outside, even so it got quite cold, too bad she forgot her gloves. About 40 minutes later & a couple of ‘sweet micro-moments of love’ to other people in the queue and it was my time to be gifted to her.

It was great to be carried away from her, still I had no idea what would happen later on. Later in the day, she joined a gathering of former colleagues, organized as one of them visited Finland from the US. She comes home a few times a year to visit her family, this time with her daughter.

When the Chocolate Angel packed her bag to leave the house, a last minute thought was to take me with her. I don’t think she had a particular reason in mind. For me it just meant, my journey wasn’t quite over yet. From my place in the bag, I overheard them enjoying each others company, it was nice to see how much they cared for each other and what happened to them in all those years, since they were colleagues, back in the days.

When it was time to part ways for the friends, suddenly the Chocolate Angel stood up, grabbed me from her bag and offered me as a spontaneous gift to the little girl who accompanied her mother. In that moment one of the others said, wow, this is a very special chocolate bar. I blushed as I never considered myself that out of the ordinary. She said that there are none of my ‘kind’ on sales in any stores in Finland in the moment. The only way was to stand in line this morning to get me.

Imagine my surprise when I realized, just the following day, I would start the journey of my life. How exciting, going to the airport, realizing a plane would lift me up in the air. A lot of the conversation on the prior evening was related to the US, but still I wasn’t quite sure where I’m going. So many questions on my mind, but I thought, I try to enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.

The ‘secret’ destination turned out to be Seattle, on the west coast of the USA. Thinking to myself, I might even see the Pacific when landing, that would be so cool! The multinational girl I travel with is quite used to flights, so it was clearly not her first trip. So I tried my best to look like I’m a frequent flyer myself and that I know what I’m doing 🙂

Not sure if me getting a bit anxious would be a sign of ‘fear of flight’ – at the same time, I thought this is the time of my life, I will never forget it until the day when my new family will enjoy to eat me. My destiny after all, from the moment I was born in a chocolate factory, back in Finland.

Perhaps the little girl will decide to share me not just with her family but also with her friends, I like that thought a lot. Like being a gift through and through during my short life! I hope all my 99 siblings have great stories to write into their diaries as well 🙂

A special thanks to the Chocolate Angel for publishing my diary entry on her blog, sincerely, yours ‘Chocolate bar’

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