Connected childhood memories

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A few weeks ago I was taken by complete surprise when my cousin told me the full story behind him sending me from England a box full of childhood memories for British people.

He lived with his family in Kendal, a small village in the lake district, when my parents visited them they offered as a local speciality the so called Kendal mint cake, it is a glucose-based confect flavoured with peppermint. The taste triggered a memory to my father to a stay in England during 1954/55 with his older sister. My cousin knew that my work as Chocolate Angel is very much linked to childhood memories he figured that I could use them, especially as he found them in bite-size, individually wrapped.

But the story didn’t end here, last year I was ‘performing’ at the World festival in Helsinki, one of the booth I visited to spread smiles I met a retired tram driver, her reaction to my offer of a Kendal mint cake brought her back to a back packer trip through England, she mentioned a young man, but no more, with a big smile on her face 🙂

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