Chocolate Angel walking a thin line

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Video Script: Welcome to your sweet micro-moment of love 🙂

My habit of spreading positive energy towards other people started already many years ago, always trying to support my colleagues and being helpful in any possible way. Adding the offering of chocolate and other sweet treats started about 10 years ago, long before I was named the Chocolate Angel. Which is a story of its own. And it still took time before I made it my profession.

What took me a very long time to understand is that me walking up to every person I meet, with a big smile alone triggers already a smile in response. Adding the surprise moment of the box full of chocolate and sweet treats makes the moment perfect.

But just for a moment, imagine I would do the same without the box, people might feel uncomfortable, wondering why this lady is just walking around, smiling at people. They might even call 911 to take me away in a ‘straight jacket’ – with the box, magic happens every single time. There is a thin line but luckily it is filled with chocolate 🙂

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Greetings from your one and only Chocolate Angel ‘kisses’ see you soon!