Chocolate Angel meets also special needs…

One of the basic “heartfelt” principles of the Chocolate Angel is to ensure that the “magic” box contains something special for everyone, for your needs, right at the moment when we meet. Experience shows it is not always chocolate. One of the many joyful tasks it to observe and adjust the offering on a constant base. A special trigger happened in a week full of learning about Compassion at work.
To explain a bit further, let me tell you a story; I went to a large fair in Helsinki, it was the Teknologia, many large & small companies had their booths open, trying to sell to potential customer. It was already day 3, so energy level at the booths were slightly fading. I approached one of the booths, offered a woman the “magic” box full of sweet treats which triggered a very positive reaction. At the same time it revealed that she was struggling with a cold and a sore throat, her voice was clearly impacted. With compassion in mind, I noticed and reacted swiftly. Wasn’t there a strip of Strepsils in my bag, just in case I needed it for myself. Offered it and she accepted it happily. Aspirin & Strepsils now made their way into the Chocolate Angel offering. I hope you don’t need them, but they are there, just in case! 🙂