Chocolate Angel goes work clothes shopping

Serendipity is all it takes, unexpected tears to follow

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Video script: Welcome to your sweet micro-moment of love 🙂

Serendipity is happening ever so often to me, so today I will tell you how work clothes shopping for the Chocolate Angel was leading to tears of joy. It started with the dress I’m wearing today, I found it just prior to my first photo shooting, it is so colorful and it became a part of the overall experience of positive energy when I approach people. Even my clothes choices changed in my transformation as Chocolate Angel.

So one day I decided to drive to the factory store of Marimekko, mainly trying to figure out if it is possible to buy the fabric to keep it beyond the dress. While I learned they didn’t sold the fabric itself, but it turned out just that day they had a big sales, and I couldn’t believe that I found in one corner a few blouses and a skirt, same color pattern and in my size. Wow, I didn’t saw that coming. Grabbed them, walked to the counter to pay. Started a conversation, telling of this amazing coincidence, and opened my small travel box for her.

Her reaction still sends shivers down my spine, she burst into tears, tears of joy. She had even trouble to see through the tears, still able to finish the transaction for me to pay for my work clothes. I think for both of us, it was an unforgettable moment.

Greetings from your one and only Chocolate Angel ‘kisses’ see you soon!