Chocolate Angel found her name

the magical moment when you are named

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Video Script: Welcome to your sweet micro-moment of love 🙂

If people ask me about my name after meeting me with my sweet box I usually respond with ‘Chocolate Angel’ and when people challenge me, I say, so you really don’t think my last name is Angel and my parents named me Chocolate 😉 Indeed, they haven’t, but you might wonder where the name came from.

Long time before I started my own company called Chocolate Angel, I already had the habit of spreading chocolate and smiles in my office, which happened to be NoHo also known as Nokia Headquarter at the time. I often had chocolate or candies with me when I needed a break, offering to random people I met. During the transition time to Microsoft Mobile we had a lot of ‘visitor’ from their headquarters in Redmond. One fine day I saw a group of top Microsoft leaders from their IT management, I offered them all a smile and chocolate, but was running out of them when it come to the last person in the group. I felt sorry, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Couple of weeks later I had lunch in our canteen, when I saw her passing through, my spontaneous reaction was to interrupt my lunch and to walk up to her with the box I had with me, her first words ‘here comes the CHOCOLATE ANGEL’ et voila, the name was given and happily received. Years later, meaning in the moment, I’m even considering to request a change to my passport as my artist name.  

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Greetings from your one and only Chocolate Angel ‘kisses’ see you soon!