Chocolate Angel for happiness@work

A long and eventful journey is behind me, full of habits, positive attitude and passion invested in many different jobs. Few months ago I took my heart in my hands and stepped out of the world as an employee, into the world of entrepreneur, ready to change once again.
This week another milestone on my path is reached, I’m extremely happy and proud to bring your attention to the Chocolate Angel website, THE place to come, learn more about happiness@work and how our services fit into your company.
Curious to understand what is a Sweet Spotlight, when do you want to order the Change Seismograph or you want to get excited about the Happiness Sensor. You find answers for your questions by contacting the Chocolate Angel.
Check it out, share the article further and spread the word within your company. The Chocolate Angel is on a mission, to bring happiness into every workplace. Starting from Helsinki region, but as you know, Angels have wings, so the Chocolate Angel can travel everywhere.
Wish you all a lovely day, with a smile and a virtual piece of chocolate!