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Sweet Spotlight - treat flow

The Chocolate Angel is offering a service called 'Sweet Spotlight'. It is charged on hourly base and is a perfect addition for working days or conferences. A visit of the Chocolate Angel comes with a huge amount of positive energy. It connects people, leaves them with a positive disruption and a smile on their face.

Chocolate Angel visits everyone during an office day or an event, approaches them with a smile and an irresistible offer of a sweet treat. The offer covers a wide range of commercially available products. Chocolates, different sweets, licorice, pastilles - childhood memories included! Allergy suitable alternatives for gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, vegetarian, and vegan chocolate.

Formula: 1 hour * 200 Euro = 150 happy people

Expect additional charges if the Chocolate Angel has to use her 'wings' to fly outside of the Helsinki region.

"...Have I met the Chocolate Angel? Yes, I have. Having received a lot of positive energy, feeling of kindness and good thoughts. Something positive, just like a surprise or a wind of magic wand. It keeps me going, it keeps you going."

Soili Kukkonen

"The Chocolate Angel brings joy to offices, communities and people all around. Today she blessed everyone at Flux with chocolate."

Microsoft Flux team