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Sweet Spotlight - treat flow

The Sweet Spotlight Service will create a precious moment of surprise and happiness during a busy working day.

The Chocolate Angel visits EVERYBODY! It might be your employee, vendor or customer - whoever is in the office in that moment will be in the "SWEET SPOTLIGHT".

Meeting the Chocolate Angel lasts only a few minutes, but will positively influence and energize people. She approaches EVERYBODY with a radiant smile and leaves a treat - chocolate or candy - and a cherished memory of a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

To work her magic on approx. 200 busy people, the Chocolate Angel will need about an hour and a blessing of 150?. You can order the Sweet Spotlight Service to any location of your company.

"...Have I met the Chocolate Angel? Yes, I have. Having received a lot of positive energy, feeling of kindness and good thoughts. Something positive, just like a surprise or a wind of magic wand. It keeps me going, it keeps you going."

Soili Kukkonen

"The Chocolate Angel brings joy to offices, communities and people all around. Today she blessed everyone at Flux with chocolate."

Microsoft Flux team