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The Happiness Sensor Service reflects the authentic voice of your team.

It can be booked stand-alone, as a valuable complement to your company's employee survey or even could replace your electronic surveys. The Happiness Sensor can be a useful alternative or supplement to regular electronic surveys, especially with low or dwindling response rates.

The Chocolate Angel works as the Happiness Sensor. She approaches the employees in your office and engages with them through the "sweet spotlight". In this positive atmosphere, she can connect with them to hear what is on their minds. It is a personal moment that enables honest feedback.

For this to happen, trust is paramount! Therefore the Chocolate Angel will treat the information she receives with the strictest confidentiality. You will receive the results in a consolidated and anonymized form.

"It was such a pleasure to see you last night as you are so filled with positive energy that it is contagious! Just wanted to say this as you spread such good feeling around you."

Minna Metsälä

"...thank you for your positive smile and energy, and of course for the many chocolates and smiles you offered!"

Seppo Paappanen