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The Change Seismograph Service is demystifying corporate change by helping you to take the pulse of your organization before, during and after a change.

The Chocolate Angel works as the Change Seismograph. Before the Chocolate Angel will visit your office, she will require a briefing about the change. The she will approach the people impacted by the respective change and engage them through the "sweet spotlight". She will lend an open ear and heart to the thoughts of your people.

Through her positive and personal approach, the Chocolate Angel will identify and gather topics which otherwise might have never been raised. The results might surprise you, confirm the course or encourage you to go down a certain path. In any case, it is valuable input to make change work!

For this to happen, trust is paramount! Therefore the Chocolate Angel will treat the information she receives with the strictest confidentiality. You will receive the results in a consolidated and anonymized form.

"I used to say there are two types of people in the world. The ones that love to eat chocolate and the ones that lie they don't. I am adding a third category after I met you: those who live with chocolate and bring love and positivesness to the other two."

Pouria Kay, CEO of Gribbing Oy