Micro Moments of Love

Breaking down barriers with laughter and smiles, contagious moments which spread across spaces. A ray of sunshine which touches everyone. A special Angel is coming along your way, carrying a ‘magic’ box. Feel the ice melting, but not the chocolate. We bring back the quality of humans caring for each other.

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Our mission is to bring micro-moments of love & joy to everyone. And when we say everyone we really mean it. When we come to your space, whether it is an office, a manufacturing floor or an event, walking around to find everyone is part of the fun. Coming up to you, with a big smile focused on you is a radiant moment.

The attitude of making people smile by approaching them individually started as a habit already 10 years ago. Over time we fine-tuned the method & the content of the ‘magic’ box. Making sure you have that one sweet moment of your day where a decision might look hard, but it leaves you empowered with a smile of your own.

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What people are saying about us!

The Chocolate Angel is serving a deep need of all human beings, the need to be seen and recognised.

Sampsa Fabritius | CEO of Kieku Labs Oy

Generosity to strangers is the key to successful networking. The Chocolate Angel delivers this valuable insight one chocolate at a time!

Peter Kelly | Aalto Professor, High Growth Entrepreneurship

Meeting the Chocolate Angel at the Arctic15 was one of the standout memories of the event. The mystery is how she keeps her chocolate from melting when she spreads so much warmth around her.

Jaakko Timonen | Founder of nonono.io

The Chocolate Angel brought us not just energy and enthusiasm to our customer and investor engagements at Slush but was such a crowd-puller that she is now our cheerleader whether we are visiting kids at schools or business leaders at industry events

Mukul Saklani | Co-Founder of Innovative Education Council, Finland




Verena Rentrop

Chocolate Angel



Olga Rabrenovic

Doctor Sweets



Eveliina Hytönen

Finnish Fairy



Renato Kern

Creative Wizard

What we offer

The Chocolate Angel offers a range of services to improve your work environment.

Discover our offerings below

Sweet Spotlight

This service comes with a huge amount of positive energy and brings a micro-moment of love to everyone. Leaves them with a positive disruption and a smile on their face. It is charged on hourly base and is a perfect addition for working days, workshops or conferences.

Chocolate Angel visits everyone during an office day or an event, approaches them with a contagious smile and a surprising & irresistible offer of a sweet treat. The offer covers a wide range of commercially available products.

Chocolates, different sweets, licorice, pastilles, savory option - childhood memories included! Allergy suitable alternatives for gluten free, lactose free, sugar free and vegan available.

Sweet Spotlight formula: 1 hour * 200 Euro = up to 150 happy people (plus travel costs to support the Angel wings flying to the location, applicable outside of the Helsinki metropolitan area)

Happiness Roadmap

Bringing the Chocolate Angel and her positive energy into your environment easily leads to conversations, sparked from this moment of HQCs (high-quality connections). By interacting in a positive spirit with people in your space she offers an open ear for all topics concerned. Feedback which is inspired from a very personal moment & collected in a face to face discussion. Such input collected over couple of months and several visits is brought back to you in a consolidated Happiness Roadmap.

This approach is also applicable in the context of larger events or conferences. Gathering feedback on the spot, no need to wait for digital survey responses which might never come. Or you want to engage your audience to ensure relevant topics are addressed during round table discussions on stage.

To define the scope, context and price tag for this service, please reach out to discuss the details. We are happy to provide you with an estimate to get your own Happiness Roadmap. Service is available in English and German, but we’re sure we will find creative solutions if you need to include other languages.

Master of Smiles

Imagine you could bring a smile to everyone you meet, whether it is in Finland or anywhere else in the world. Is that even possible you might ask yourself. Sounds either unrealistic or like a ‘superpower’ you want to possess.

Book the Chocolate Angel as speaker, listening to her story and checking her ‘magic’ box will spread micro-moments of love to each and every one. The recipe for smiles is surprisingly simple, learn and get inspired.

If you need a bit of extra energy afterwards to follow in her footsteps, the Chocolate Angel is always willing to offer a hug, to transfer some of her positive energy to you. She has a huge bucket full of it, ready to share.

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